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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MediVisuals?

There are several medical illustration companies that you could choose from. What makes MediVisuals different from the rest? Our training, experience and professionalism.
  • MediVisuals' team of medical illustrators have earned their masters degree from medical illustration graduate programs that are accredited by the American Medical Association and the Association of Medical Illustrators (there are only five of these programs in North America).
  • Our illustrators have over 241 combined years of medical-legal illustration experience and handle approximately 1500 cases a year. This experience has given them the knowledge and skills to most effectively create exhibits that truthfully support your arguments and demonstrate your client's injuries and medical procedures.
  • All casework is done in-house by medical illustrators who can communicate directly with your medical experts on their level.
You may also read what our clients have to say about our products and services by visiting our Client Testimonials page.

What is your typical turn-around time for a case?

Most of the exhibits found on can be purchased and shipped to you with overnight delivery. For custom exhibits, it takes a number of days for our medical illustrators to complete the artwork for a case after we have received all necessary records. Sometimes obtaining specific radiology films and/or medical records can cause a delay in this process. Please allow adequate time for this entire process (normally over eight business days), or priority service fees may apply.

What is your pricing?

Illustration Fees

Pricing for exhibits will vary with the complexity of the work that we are creating as well as the number of images included in an exhibit. Existing artwork is often used from our archives to lower the cost to you. In general, archive exhibits are $335 + enlargement (final output) fees. Custom artwork is billed at a typical range of roughly $800-1300 per exhibit. Some exhibits may cost more or much less, depending on their complexity and a detailed quote with sample images, when available, can be obtained through MediVisuals' complimentary consultation process. Custom animations are billed at an hourly rate, as well; however you can purchase several generic animations through this website for under $1000.

Final Output Fees

Enlargement fees are billed according to the size of the final output and typically range from $180 (30"x40") to $250 (36"x48"), plus $30-45 for protective lamination. Smaller sizes and over-sized exhibits are also available, and the price is adjusted accordingly. A digital file of the exhibit is free with purchase of any enlargement. 8.5" x 11" prints are available for $15 and multiples are offered at $5 per exhibit.


There will be standard shipping costs for a cardboard portfolio case and the shipment of the exhibits to your location, typically around $95-110 for standard delivery via FedEx.

Priority Service Fees

Cases that need to be completed on a rush basis will incur priority service fees proportional to the degree of the rush. Please contact us for more details.

What is MediVisuals "Complimentary Consultation"?

MediVisuals offers complimentary consultations, exhibit planning, and proposals. Our experienced medical illustrators/consultants will discuss the case with you and offer advice on how to make the best decisions about the content of demonstrative aids and visual presentations. We will suggest the most effective approach to showing the most significant aspects of your client's injuries, medical procedures and conditions, and inform you of graphic options that will add a lasting impact to your arguments.

The Process

1. Contact Us to Discuss Your Case and Records Needed
Contact MediVisuals to speak with one of our professional medical illustrators/consultants about your case.
To prepare a proposal for your case, it is likely that we will need to review records, depositions, diagnostic films, and client photographs relevant to the case. Applicable diagnostic films and photographic references are helpful, but sometimes they may not be necessary for us to prepare the proposal; however they may be required in order to complete the exhibits. Once we have learned about your case, we can inform you of the necessary records and information that we will need to develop a comprehensive proposal for your case. 

2.  Visual Plan Development
After we receive and review all of the necessary records and information, our medical illustrator/consultant will develop a Visual Plan outlining and describing suggested visual aids and their associated fees. This Visual Plan will be sent to you, often with color samples of similar exhibits, for your review and response. This service is complimentary and you are under no obligation to make any purchases.

3. Approval of the Visual Plan
After reviewing the Visual Plan, you may contact us and accept the proposed exhibits as they are described, or discuss with us any needed modifications or changes. Your acceptance constitutes an Agreement for us to begin work on the creation of the exhibits and the illustration fees, independent of their future presentation method (final output fees), will be billed to you.

Will I have a chance to review my case's exhibits before receiving the final version?

Yes, you will receive preliminary drafts (proofs) for you and your expert(s) to review as soon as they are developed. These will normally be sent via email. We will make reasonable modifications to the exhibits for no additional charge. Multiple rounds of modifications or extensive reworking of the exhibits may accrue additional hourly fees. When the exhibits are satisfactory for your specific needs, final versions, including enlargements if desired, will be produced. Our illustrators and producers will work with you and your staff personally to finalize everything as you request.