Medical Models

MediVisuals has several skilled medical model makers on staff who can create medical legal models to meet a specific need.  Sculpting, casting, and 3D printing of digital models are all within our capabilities.  Skilled and knowledgeable crafters able to create custom 3D "physical" as opposed to "digital" models are rare. Contact MediVisuals about creating models for your next medical case!

Featured Medical Models |  Click to view image larger 

Life-Size Soft Brain Model

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Metal-On-Metal Hip Model

Customized Pelvis Tumor Model

Translucent Large Intestine Model

Shoulder Replacement Model

Clear Spine Model

Customized Skull Fractures Model

Fetus Model  (True to Weight)

Customized Femur Fixation Model

Brain Tumor Model

Spinal Cord Tumor Model

Fetus with Placenta Model

(True to Weight)

Customized Tibia and Fibula Fracture Model

Herniated Disc Model

Brainstem with Cranial Nerve Root Model

Customized Eye Model

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